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So, here is a post from the Twitter API.

So, here is a post from the Twitter API. How does it look?

What the Heck Is A Widget?

Ever since economics class I wondered what the heck a widget was.  Now the word has become popular again and the Internet seems to be crawling with them. Widgets are all anyone will talk about when it comes to social networking or an online community web site… And you may not even know what they are. No fear, that’s why I’m here.

A widget is a tiny web app that is created to work together with profiles on social networking sites. Web sites like MySpace and FaceBook offer many different widgets that users can add to their profile to make it more interesting. Some widgets let you choose what content you want to have a new web site. Some widgets will show the weather, news, or the latest post from your favorite blog. Some widgets will even show videos or photo slide shows.

Widgets are exploding on the web like little baby rabbits so you won’t have to look far to find one that does what you want. Even though widgets can be our friend and fun to use,  you should still be careful when choosing a widget for your site. Not every widget works the way it is supposed to so be sure to preview it and tested before you install it.

I hope this has helped at least a little bit about widgets, what they do for you. Enjoy your surfing!

Well, Here It Is…

…the first post of what will likely be many posts here on this blog. I’m not really sure yet how I’ll focus my posts here. I may blog about the hot topics of the day, maybe sports or the upcoming election. Or maybe how to make money on this thing we call the Internet. What ever the topic(s) you can bet that they’ll at least be somewhat interesting and I’ll try to even make them a little bit funny.

I’ll be glad to take requests. Leave a comment about a topic you’d like to see me tackle and I’ll be glad to take it on. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe to the feed to make sure you don’t miss an episode.