The Weekend Trip to ATL

So this past weekend Vickie and I got to take a trip to Atlanta for yet another conference… except this time it was HER going to some work related gathering instead of my usual un-conference or social media fare. Since I have family in Atlanta I jumped on the opportunity to tag along. It didn’t hurt that her boss was paying for the hotel stay at the Westin either!

Without the Braves in town, it was a free Saturday as far as I was concerned. My aunt and her husband picked me up after a quick MARTA trip and we explored a bit of downtown Decatur… and that’s where I found it! The Raging Burrito and next door its sister establishment, the Raging Taco was simply fantastic! It doesn’t look like much from the front. A couple of tables on the sidewalk and a narrow, kind of long bar style dining room. But the real treasure of this place is at the end of the hall and to the left… the patio!

A warm afternoon with a cold brew, fish tacos and some pineapple salsa (yes, I said pineapple!). You should definitely give it a try… it has my highest recommendation!

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