Beer & Blog Huntsville Recap for April 27th

Well, we’ve got another awesome Beer & Blog Huntsville meetup in the books! I took a break from working on Life In the Internet to hang out with a great bunch of folks at the West End Grill on Old Madison Pike.

I realized tonight that I don’t really tell the good folks that attend our weekly get-togethers just how much I appreciate them making the trip out. Yeah, the make-up of the group changes from week to week but its still pretty great getting to catch up with everyone every Tuesday night.

In the six months or so that we’ve been doing Beer & Blog, I can’t think of a week where conversation was lacking, and this week was no exception. Just a few of the MANY topics we hit:

  • Is blogging journalism?
  • Are bloggers protected by shield laws?
  • Are Twitter and Facebook “real” blogging platforms?
  • How can we get more folks to our meetups?
  • What is the meaning of life (well, sorta)?

It took me a full four hours to get all that in this week, can’t do that every week but this time we were just on a roll.

Thanks again everybody, I really enjoyed it!


  1. Why isn’t this syndicated to the front page of bnb? Why did I have to follow a direct link to get this post on the bnb site?

    • Hey ProfessorTom,

      I’m not really sure I’m following your question. When this post was new it made it to the front page of Beer and Blog Huntsville but its not new any more so… that’s why its not on the front page over there.

      Not following your question about the direct link, sorry.


  2. I’m such a douchebag. I saw this pop up on @bnbhuntsville and mistook April for May.

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