Lest We Forget

I was scanning Facebook today and saw a question posed by a friend…

D-Day + 70: What to watch, Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers

A simple question with a complicated answer. I wrote most of this in my response but then deleted it and instead opted to post it here.

To Fletcher’s point, there are two halves that make up the silence of veterans. Most people’s imagination jumps right to the scenes depicted in the opening of Pvt Ryan, where your friend whom you’ve been training with for months is suddenly and horrifically destroyed right in front of your eyes. But with that assault, with the knowledge that someone on the other side is trying with everything they have to do the same to you, you suddenly get a great sense of clarity of purpose and decision making becomes REALLY easy. And it is in those decisions that the other half of their silence lies. Looking at another human being through your reticle, and destroying their life, then feeling good about it… you don’t really feel like talking about that either. Let’s never forget what all who have served have done for us.

So while we take time to remember the 9,000 Allied troops who made the ultimate sacrifice during the D-Day assaults, let’s not forget about those who’s suffering has continued far beyond those 4 days.


What About IFTTT

If you had a way to automate almost everything you do on the web… would you? Would it make you more productive… or less? More time should equal more freedom, right?

Check out this new web app I found called IFTTT (like LIFT without the L). It attaches to many of the most popular web based tools (gmail, evernote, linkedin, facebook, etc) and automates tasks between them.

It can even call you when you have an appointment coming up!

Check it out at http://www.ifttt.com

BTW, IFTTT stands for IF This Then That

Its Good To Be Back

Its been a while, almost two years actually, since I’ve enjoyed the spectacle that is Texas…and that’s just too long!

We’re taking advantage of the long Labor Day weekend (augmented by a few days of vaca) to visit with our daughter and son-in-law in Fort Worth. We made the drive yesterday and I’ve been basking in a lazy morning of coffee and cool breezes on the back porch. There is some serious potential here for an outdoor office, but that’s another post!

So I’ll be updating here, trying to keep up with acme pics and stories around our trip. Enjoy!


The Weekend Trip to ATL

So this past weekend Vickie and I got to take a trip to Atlanta for yet another conference… except this time it was HER going to some work related gathering instead of my usual un-conference or social media fare. Since I have family in Atlanta I jumped on the opportunity to tag along. It didn’t hurt that her boss was paying for the hotel stay at the Westin either!

Without the Braves in town, it was a free Saturday as far as I was concerned. My aunt and her husband picked me up after a quick MARTA trip and we explored a bit of downtown Decatur… and that’s where I found it! The Raging Burrito and next door its sister establishment, the Raging Taco was simply fantastic! It doesn’t look like much from the front. A couple of tables on the sidewalk and a narrow, kind of long bar style dining room. But the real treasure of this place is at the end of the hall and to the left… the patio!

A warm afternoon with a cold brew, fish tacos and some pineapple salsa (yes, I said pineapple!). You should definitely give it a try… it has my highest recommendation!

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